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This is exactly what has been happening. Friday I was sick, yesterday I was sick, today I am going hiking and tomorrow I’ve been invited to go play beach volleyball (yay!).  I don’t want to overdo it coming off this cold so the soonest I envision myself doing yoga is tomorrow and that’s still a […]



I was very surprised that my course materials arrived yesterday (while I was home with a cold).  Hooray!!  I guess they mailed them early because of the holiday weekend?  Who knows. So I started studying shortly after ripping the box open and examining all the books. There is a book on breathing technique, a book […]



As I mentioned, I am (im)patiently waiting for all my course materials to arrive.  They come a month at a time, around the 5th of the month, and are focused on asanas (poses), philosophy, anatomy/physiology and teaching skills.  Neat!  I already read the syllabus and study guide*.  But I want more! I’m going to yoga […]

Or, alternately, how yoga found me. I’ve been thinking a lot about this story and I love telling it.  So lucky you! Here it is! Back in 1999 (yes!) I was dealing with a lot of back pain from two different car accidents in the span of 2 years (neither was my fault, fyi).  The […]



Shortly on the heels of turning 35, I decided I wanted to become a yoga instructor.  Okay, it wasn’t that simple.  I was…not entirely dissatisfied with my day job, but not entirely satisfied either.  I realized that any changes would mean doing the same thing in a different place and…well, that wasn’t the answer.  And […]