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I am feeling worlds better thanks to some adjustments of the medicines I take, and the fatigue is gone.  In fact, Thursday and Friday I worked out after work and even stayed up past 10pm!  Amazing! I am hitting the books again but I’m a little stuck right now on the “spiritual science of yoga” […]

You’ve probably noticed I’m posting less frequently and with less enthusiasm, and yes, there is kind of a reason. I’ve been dealing with some really bad fatigue issues recently.  Like, cardio is almost impossible and I’m sleeping 14 hours at a stretch more often than I should.  I went to the doctor today to get […]

Hello Hello Hi


Sorry I’ve been AWOL. It’s not for lack of practice, interest, or studying.   I just haven’t had enough time or energy to stop by and update. These days I am learning about how to teach, which is cool and interesting.  And my practice is going well–I am feeling differences in each pose and in my […]

What You Need


One of the latest revelations I’ve had in my yoga studies is that part of being a yoga instructor is about tuning in to what your students need.  I never really thought too much about this.  I mean, I notice when I take classes that the instructor will usually ask about any injuries or special […]

First of all, I learned that I will, in fact, get up at 6:00 in the morning to do yoga.  I did just that today.  Wow and Yay! A lot of people have asked me, half-jokingly I think, what I have learned so far.  And so far I have learned that two functions of the […]