I was very surprised that my course materials arrived yesterday (while I was home with a cold).  Hooray!!  I guess they mailed them early because of the holiday weekend?  Who knows.
So I started studying shortly after ripping the box open and examining all the books.
There is a book on breathing technique, a book on anatomy, a book on poses, and a book on philosophy/theory/meditation.   I would throw the titles out but I’m too lazy to get up and go get the books. 😛
I also got a big binder that has reading materials, study guides, questions, etc etc etc.  The 1st quarter exam is tucked in a sealed envelope in the back of the binder. I’m still confused as to how that works, but admittedly I skipped over some of the orientation materials and went straight to studying the digestive system.
I also need to try to run out today and buy a cd player.  Hilarious, right?  I threw mine out not long ago.  The lectures are on cd though, and I don’t feel like trying to fight to convert them to mp3’s just yet.  Listening to lectures is going to be hard for me because I am a terrible auditory learner.  Thankfully they come with an outline, but still.  I picture myself tuning in and out while doing other things around the house.  I’m not even going to try listening to them on the train b/c god knows my mind wanders enough in transit.
So here we go!  If I’m feeling up to it, I’m going to the coffeeshop this afternoon to continue reading about the circulatory system*!

*I did take biology in high school and always excelled in science, but man, that was a long time ago.  I clearly have forgotten how much gets accomplished by the liver in a day.




As I mentioned, I am (im)patiently waiting for all my course materials to arrive.  They come a month at a time, around the 5th of the month, and are focused on asanas (poses), philosophy, anatomy/physiology and teaching skills.  Neat!  I already read the syllabus and study guide*.  But I want more!
I’m going to yoga class & practicing at home just as I have been on and off over the years, but mostly more.  The program wants you doing 4 days a week, ideally 6.  It’s a much different fitness routine than I’ve done in the past…that is, I am trying to keep juggling my cardio and strength training alongside it, and the strength has really taken a back seat.  I feel like I am gaining weight, but that probably has more to do with the booze and funnel cake and pizza I had over the weekend.  Gotta cut that out.  (Not totally–I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation, but there is a section of the course devoted to mindful eating and I’ve done reading about it in my meditation books.  It’s the same concept as my personal training was–basically, garbage in/garbage out.)  This should have nothing to do with weight loss, but admittedly, I worry that I’m not being active enough to keep where I want to be.  I have to just trust that the lifestyle will guide me to the right and healthy choices.
Anyway, as dorky as it sounds I am totally psyched to park my (flexible) butt in a coffee shop and start studying.  Like, this weekend.  Because it’s Memorial Day weekend, and I have all this TIME, and you know the materials are going to arrive and my schedule is going to explode.

*They recommend studying 4 hours a week which seems like peanuts to me–reading about something I find interesting anyway.  Plus no papers.  This is going to be a cakewalk compared to grad school, or even the PHR** Certification exam.

**Professional of Human Resources, alternately known as the alphabet exam.  Memorizing labor laws is not as fun for me as memorizing asanas.

Or, alternately, how yoga found me.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this story and I love telling it.  So lucky you! Here it is!

Back in 1999 (yes!) I was dealing with a lot of back pain from two different car accidents in the span of 2 years (neither was my fault, fyi).  The 2nd was brutal.  I mean, I was okay, but the wreck itself was ridiculous.  A guy on the highway stopped when he missed his exit. STOPPED.  And a four car pileup resulted.  I was over in the far left lane, but to avoid smashing everyone else to bits, a Winnebago swerved over to my lane and slammed into the side of my car, sending me spinning into the concrete  median.  The impact plus my attempts to turn the car around (tremendous force in my arms and upper back) caused me to sprain the muscles from my wrists up my arms and into my shoulders and back. Ouch!
Anyway, sometime in 1999 my boyfriend at the time bought me Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga on VHS.   Oh yeah, VHS.  I didn’t even have a yoga mat, or know what one was–I did yoga on the carpet in my apartment.  I loved it.  And it felt SO GOOD.  While Bryan Kest is very…west coast, and at times a little giggle-worthy, I still do his Power Yoga series (usually level 2 and sometimes 3, 1 if I need a breather).  Over 10 years later, look where that VHS tape brought me!



Shortly on the heels of turning 35, I decided I wanted to become a yoga instructor.  Okay, it wasn’t that simple.  I was…not entirely dissatisfied with my day job, but not entirely satisfied either.  I realized that any changes would mean doing the same thing in a different place and…well, that wasn’t the answer.  And I felt too old for a major career change…plus what would I do? All I’ve ever known is that I’m good with people.  Everything I’ve ever done has been around people.  I got my degree in English thinking I was going to be a teacher, and for a number of reasons, that didn’t happen.
Then one day in downward facing dog at my favorite yoga studio, Bloom, I realized I could become a yoga teacher.
I am now officially enrolled in Temple of Kriya’s  home study program and anxiously waiting for my course materials to arrive.  I started this blog for a few reasons.  One, because my old blog didn’t fulfill me any more.  Two, to trace the journey to becoming a yoga instructor to anyone else who might be interested.  And three, journaling/reflection is part of the coursework for my program so why not make a place to do it for public consumption?  I don’t anticipate any major life secrets coming out of yoga study.  Just oodles of life wisdom.