As I mentioned, I am (im)patiently waiting for all my course materials to arrive.  They come a month at a time, around the 5th of the month, and are focused on asanas (poses), philosophy, anatomy/physiology and teaching skills.  Neat!  I already read the syllabus and study guide*.  But I want more!
I’m going to yoga class & practicing at home just as I have been on and off over the years, but mostly more.  The program wants you doing 4 days a week, ideally 6.  It’s a much different fitness routine than I’ve done in the past…that is, I am trying to keep juggling my cardio and strength training alongside it, and the strength has really taken a back seat.  I feel like I am gaining weight, but that probably has more to do with the booze and funnel cake and pizza I had over the weekend.  Gotta cut that out.  (Not totally–I’m a firm believer in everything in moderation, but there is a section of the course devoted to mindful eating and I’ve done reading about it in my meditation books.  It’s the same concept as my personal training was–basically, garbage in/garbage out.)  This should have nothing to do with weight loss, but admittedly, I worry that I’m not being active enough to keep where I want to be.  I have to just trust that the lifestyle will guide me to the right and healthy choices.
Anyway, as dorky as it sounds I am totally psyched to park my (flexible) butt in a coffee shop and start studying.  Like, this weekend.  Because it’s Memorial Day weekend, and I have all this TIME, and you know the materials are going to arrive and my schedule is going to explode.

*They recommend studying 4 hours a week which seems like peanuts to me–reading about something I find interesting anyway.  Plus no papers.  This is going to be a cakewalk compared to grad school, or even the PHR** Certification exam.

**Professional of Human Resources, alternately known as the alphabet exam.  Memorizing labor laws is not as fun for me as memorizing asanas.


3 Responses to “Anticipation”

  1. I decided to take an online course as my first step towards getting my masters in education. I totally understand the impatience of it all because right now I am waiting for them to review my transcripts to be sure I have all the prerequisites and I am going crazy waiting. I just want to start…NOW!

    And I totally agree that reading about something you are interested in is not really work because it is fun. I think that is why everyone always says you should do what you love. Now I get it. When you love something, the work doesn’t seem like work nearly as much.

  2. I love starting new projects, and it sounds like you do too! I’m so excited for you, following your passion and doing something outside the ordinary.
    As for the funnel cakes and booze… you know I stand behind you there, no matter what the yogis say 🙂

  3. 3 chezjulie

    How exciting! There is something fun about studying in a coffee shop, especially if it something you dig.

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