Studying Yoga, Not Doing Yoga


This is exactly what has been happening.
Friday I was sick, yesterday I was sick, today I am going hiking and tomorrow I’ve been invited to go play beach volleyball (yay!).  I don’t want to overdo it coming off this cold so the soonest I envision myself doing yoga is tomorrow and that’s still a maybe.  Boo.
Tuesday  night I have a birthday party, Thursday a theater show, Friday a party…which leaves Wednesday and Saturday.  Um, no.   I can’t start my serious yoga practice like this.
So I am going to try getting up early and doing yoga in the morning.  We’ll see how THAT goes. I am notoriously NOT a morning exerciser, but maybe getting up to do yoga will be more appealing than…oh, getting up to do most things before I actually have to be up.
This month’s poses are mostly warmups, so I figure I will do those first and then my regular yoga dvd’s or class.  Which means about 1.5 to 2 hours I should plan for yoga.  This is not going to be easy.  But at least I am getting my cardio in on the front end of the week this week!


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